Wednesday, January 23, 2013


At Utility Composites, Inc. maker of RAPTOR® nails and staples it is always our goal to create quality solutions in response to the changing needs of our customers.  Therefore we are pleased to announce the addition of three new products to our RAPTOR® line.

Our brand new G-3PS hammer tacker accepts all gauges of RAPTOR® composite staples of 1/4", 3/8" & 7/16 leg lengths.  Whether wrapping or tagging, this tacker will meet your composite stapling requirements.

We now offer a pneumatic RAPTOR CAP Stapler for use with our heavy, 16Ga RAPTOR plastic composite staples. Based on extensive field trials and evaluations, our heavy gauge SH/05 staple outperforms our fine gauge S/05 staple in the cap system.  We elected to upgrade the system immediately based on the positive results. The RC-SH/05 Cap Stapler will replace the RC-S/05 tool.  In one easy step, the RC-SH/05 drives 16Ga RAPTOR® staples through the caps to hold layers of fabric, paper, or plastic wrap.  RAPTOR plastic caps and staples hold firmly and will not cause the wrapping to tear at the staple crown corners.  The tool is extremely fast, comfortable and light-weight, maneuverable, well balanced, sturdy and durable.

 Last year we introduced to the market our 11mm, heavy gauge staple, the SH/04-40MD (medium density).  We are pleased to now also offer the 11mm staple in our standard material, SH/04-40.  This new standard staple performs very well in line with our other premium products.